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Service agreement

REVIEWED June 15th, 2022

Payment Terms: 
Invoices are billed on the 1st of each month, for the previous month of service, due by the 16th of the current month. To avoid a $30.00 late payment fee, all amounts must be received before the 1st of the following month.
Unless prior payment arrangements have been made, unpaid invoices can result in “suspension” or “cancellation” of service, and the referral to a collection agency.
If there is availability, service may be reinstated upon receipt of payment, but please be aware that there will be additional charges if the pool or spa requires returning to a serviceable condition.
Agreements can be cancelled by either party at any time. We politely request 15 days written notice.
After hours, holidays & weather: Services are not provided after hours or on public holidays unless an emergency. If your regular service falls on a public holiday your pool service will be rescheduled (if possible) — you will be notified of the change to service day.
In the event of inclement weather on your service day, the pool/spa will be cleaned to the extent weather permits, chemicals will be added if needed. If service or partial services are rendered, pool service will not be rescheduled.
Repair(s): Repairs under $50.00 will be completed as a matter of routine maintenance and billed on the next monthly invoice. Repairs above $50.00 will require customer authorization prior to commencement of works and will be billed upon completion of works.

Vacation: Due to the standard 48 week billing procedure, weekly service is determined on a 4 visit per month schedule. (48 weeks of service out of a 52 week year) Four months out of the year have an extra service day (5th service day) which is NOT charged - these extra days will be taken as vacation during the off season (cooler months), normally November to March. These weeks include Thanksgiving, Christmas and two other floating weeks of which all customers will be notified in advance. *Please note the floating weeks maybe also be used unexpectedly without notice if required.